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RSS 2.0 Specification
For all the details and information on RSS 2.0 there is only once place to turn

Introduction to RSS
For a introduction to what is RSS, and how it works you should read this

RSS History
All the information on how RSS has advanced, changed and improved over the past 6 years

A BDN Guide to RSS
Borland knows the importance of RSS and have published a guide with everything you need to know


Borland Developer Network
The number one website containing information, details and news needed by Borland developers

Delphi Homepage
Delphi's little page on the web

Delphi Updates
Delphi updates are required for perfect development and there is one place to get it

Borland Newsgroups
For meeting and discussing with other Delphi developers there is one way and one place to do it

RSS Feed Applications

FeedReader is a great RSS feed reading application written in Delphi, which is open source and even is hosted on SourceForge

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