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Welcome to SimpleRSS

This is the central access to everything in SimpleRSS from details about it, downloads and links to other resources for the true SimpleRSS developer. Just follow the links at the top to gain access to everything you need, and if you are not sure about what each one is then have a look below

Downloads Downloads (as is this web site) are proudly hosted by SourceForge, the premier free hosting provider for all things open source. Currently in the downloads you can find SimpleRSS for Delphi, Kylix, and Delphi for .Net, as well as documentation and images for promoting SimpleRSS

SourceForge We would not be a good open source project if we did not support and promote those that help us and that means a big thanks to SourceForge.

RSS Feeds An RSS based project without RSS feeds, no ways. We have plenty of RSS feeds available for you, from the feeds provided by SourceForge, to team members feeds and to general Borland and Delphi related feeds.

Links Need more information on Delphi, RSS or anything else just follow our collection of helpful links

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